Liv's First Birthday...

Friday, November 22, 2013

As I look at this picture above, it's hard to believe that we actually made it. Liv celebrated her "First Birthday" last saturday and it was quite the celebration. The day was filled with so many different emotions, a house filled with our family and friends from near and far and lets not forget ladybugs everywhere. 

The theme was destined to be ladybugs long before I'd ever truly realize. Talks of decorations stem far back from NICU days, where reaching her first birthday was something out of a dream. Yet, it has come and gone, with many tears shed, and one more amazing memory to cherish.

By the time the party rolled around, I was exhausted. I was working around the clock frantically to get every single detail perfect. My expectations were high. Ones that would be compared to someone such as a professional party planner & a limitless budget...except I was not a party planner and there was a frugal limit to my budget. To say I was delusional is accurate, but that didn't stop me. Believe it or not I did everything (with great help of course) handmade and only had to order the cake and some of the decorations thanks to etsy! My best friend from Canada actually surprised me and had the ladybug cupcakes delivered the day of her party. Besides that & the cake, it was your not so average DIY party.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful family. We are missing my sweet angel Abigail (Liv's twin sister), but she is with us in spirit.

| DIY Berry Cheesecake Bites |

| Cupcakes courtesy of my Best Friend |

| DIY Sugar Cookies |

| DIY Marshmallow Pops |

| DIY Ladybug Painting |

| DIY Ladybug "Thank You" Ornaments |

| DIY Ladybug Center Pieces |

It was so worth it in the end. The party was fabulous and it was amazing to celebrate such a huge milestone with the people we love! Delusional or not, it was a day that will be treasured forever.

xx, T


  1. This girl is really very cute. And lucky as well. All are happy enjoying the birthday eve with her. My brother also is looking for a perfect set up of Los Angeles venues for his daughter's first birthday. Dishes and baking part will be done by his friend in similar business. Also the decoration ideas are shortlisted. Budget is also going okay till now.


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