Sew it ain't so...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Did you know that you could be an uber successful designer without ever as even touching a sewing machine? Crazy huh!? Well it happens all the time as most things are outsourced either domestically or internationally. From first sample to mass production, you could technically to do it all without ever having to do it yourself. Working in the industry, this was the norm. I would sketch up my designs, hand them over to the pattern maker who would in turn draft a pattern, cut a sample, and send it to a sample maker. 

Other than a couple of sewing classes in college, I never really sewed. And when I did it was on a regular one needle sewing machine. I have never even attempted to sew on a serger ( a machine that sews knits). I've somehow managed to weasel my way around it or have sewn only wovens but being that knits are far more comfortable and superior for children, my time has officially come. 

I decided to take the plunge and purchase a serger & coverstitch machine. This is essential to accomplish part one of my plan; to design and create children's clothing. 

As much as I am terrified to learn how these mini spaceships work, I am excited. I've been told that as long as I a. never break the thread, or b. learn how to successfully thread a serger, I'll be fine. Luckily I have an insider tip from a seamstress who has sewn for over 35 years. {When changing the thread colors, tie a not from the old thread to the new thread and just pull through!} As happy as this makes me, I will still read the manual from front to back to ensure if this trick fails, I'll be prepared.

My hobby room is starting to look like a semi-fuctional sewing room. I am waiting anxiously to get my prints in and have a long list of to-do's that need to get done before they arrive.

Time to get to work!


Starting From Scratch...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Almost 8 years in the fashion industry and Im back to square one. How you ask? Life, thats how!

Before graduating from FIDM, what seems so long ago, I envisioned that lifestyle empire and started working hard at it right after I graduated. LONG story short, life got in the way and I guess what was once trials are now tribulations. Except, Im really starting from scratch. Like, from scratch-scratch. Sigh, pinch me now please. Okay, maybe Im still convincing myself that my trials are tribulations. I'll take blessings in disguise rather.

After working so hard in the industry, I was mainly on the other side of things. The business side. Which in retrospect, is VITAL to any business endeavor yet is only half of the equation. Now that I am starting from scratch, I am on the other side of the realm, the designer side. I'm on a quest to dive in and get more in tuned with creating from a very organic space. Being inspired by my obsession for my daughter Olivia, and my love for all things fashion, Little Miss Dessa was born. I love to create, and whats not to love when you can create for the one you love. That in a nutshell is Little Miss Dessa. A little girls lifestyle brand that tailors to just that…little girls!

This time around, I am not building the brand based upon the pressures of numbers, logistics, and strategic success, I am building a brand that fills a void. As a direct consumer I know what I want for my daughter, and since I can not find it, I will make it. This business endeavor scares me beyond belief. Especially because I have failed twice before. However, with every failure comes success. At least this is what I keep telling myself. ha! However, with great success, comes great risk. So here I am, not only putting myself out there again, but also financially investing into another business that has a 50/50 chance of taking off or flopping. Yet, as scary as it may be, I can't imagine doing anything else. I've always thought of going back to school to get into the medicine field, but I ALWAYS come back to fashion. It truly is the only thing that pulls at my heart strings, and I can't deny it. I have to make it work this time. I have no other choice really. So as I take one day at a time, I'll let my hands do all the work and my faith lead me to my destiny.

Wish me luck,


Liv's First Birthday...

Friday, November 22, 2013

As I look at this picture above, it's hard to believe that we actually made it. Liv celebrated her "First Birthday" last saturday and it was quite the celebration. The day was filled with so many different emotions, a house filled with our family and friends from near and far and lets not forget ladybugs everywhere. 

The theme was destined to be ladybugs long before I'd ever truly realize. Talks of decorations stem far back from NICU days, where reaching her first birthday was something out of a dream. Yet, it has come and gone, with many tears shed, and one more amazing memory to cherish.

By the time the party rolled around, I was exhausted. I was working around the clock frantically to get every single detail perfect. My expectations were high. Ones that would be compared to someone such as a professional party planner & a limitless budget...except I was not a party planner and there was a frugal limit to my budget. To say I was delusional is accurate, but that didn't stop me. Believe it or not I did everything (with great help of course) handmade and only had to order the cake and some of the decorations thanks to etsy! My best friend from Canada actually surprised me and had the ladybug cupcakes delivered the day of her party. Besides that & the cake, it was your not so average DIY party.

I thank God everyday for my beautiful family. We are missing my sweet angel Abigail (Liv's twin sister), but she is with us in spirit.

| DIY Berry Cheesecake Bites |

| Cupcakes courtesy of my Best Friend |

| DIY Sugar Cookies |

| DIY Marshmallow Pops |

| DIY Ladybug Painting |

| DIY Ladybug "Thank You" Ornaments |

| DIY Ladybug Center Pieces |

It was so worth it in the end. The party was fabulous and it was amazing to celebrate such a huge milestone with the people we love! Delusional or not, it was a day that will be treasured forever.

xx, T
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