Thursday, April 26, 2012

When life takes a twist for the better, I find myself thankful. If someone would have walked up to me a year ago and told me what my life would be today, I wouldn't believe it. I guess God knew what was in store for me and I thank him every day for that.

I'm sitting here at the park with the kiddos enjoying our days filled with love, laughter, and shiny days! All is going good with the business and I can't help but sit here counting my blessings and looking forward to even brighter days :)


Life + Changing....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I remember when I was young, the days seemed prolonged and tomorrow felt as though it was months away. Now, with so many responsibilities and life obligations, my days feel as though it flashes by in seconds, and tomorrow was yesterday...

My life has been transforming into a world that I wanted for so long but had to go through the necessary steps to get here...and I couldn't be happier.  Even when there are struggles {because life is full of them},  I remind myself that it is all part of the bigger plan and this is only one step closer! In the past I've held on to the negative moments and sulked in them... which in turn did absolutely nothing for me. I've learned to let it go and proceed forward because without struggle or challenges, there cannot be success. We have to go through one channel to get to the next.

Random post I I know and I literally took a break from working at this hour to write this...but I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful moments!



Where'd ya go?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time. Where'd ya go? It's April ...and before I know it, my Birthday will stroll along and that age clock tick-tocks to twenty-seven. Oh boy, where I thought I would be, not to mention what I thought I would've accomplished by now is beyond me... but then again in so many ways, I have accomplished so many things. Sometimes I really think I am my own worst enemy. My mind is one powerful villain and the hero side fights it everyday. Some days the villain wins, and others, the hero. I've been busy with so many things pertaining to the business that I have been lacking in inspiration to write, hence the lack in posts lately. I really wish time would stop just so I can catch my breath....
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