Starting From Scratch...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Almost 8 years in the fashion industry and Im back to square one. How you ask? Life, thats how!

Before graduating from FIDM, what seems so long ago, I envisioned that lifestyle empire and started working hard at it right after I graduated. LONG story short, life got in the way and I guess what was once trials are now tribulations. Except, Im really starting from scratch. Like, from scratch-scratch. Sigh, pinch me now please. Okay, maybe Im still convincing myself that my trials are tribulations. I'll take blessings in disguise rather.

After working so hard in the industry, I was mainly on the other side of things. The business side. Which in retrospect, is VITAL to any business endeavor yet is only half of the equation. Now that I am starting from scratch, I am on the other side of the realm, the designer side. I'm on a quest to dive in and get more in tuned with creating from a very organic space. Being inspired by my obsession for my daughter Olivia, and my love for all things fashion, Little Miss Dessa was born. I love to create, and whats not to love when you can create for the one you love. That in a nutshell is Little Miss Dessa. A little girls lifestyle brand that tailors to just that…little girls!

This time around, I am not building the brand based upon the pressures of numbers, logistics, and strategic success, I am building a brand that fills a void. As a direct consumer I know what I want for my daughter, and since I can not find it, I will make it. This business endeavor scares me beyond belief. Especially because I have failed twice before. However, with every failure comes success. At least this is what I keep telling myself. ha! However, with great success, comes great risk. So here I am, not only putting myself out there again, but also financially investing into another business that has a 50/50 chance of taking off or flopping. Yet, as scary as it may be, I can't imagine doing anything else. I've always thought of going back to school to get into the medicine field, but I ALWAYS come back to fashion. It truly is the only thing that pulls at my heart strings, and I can't deny it. I have to make it work this time. I have no other choice really. So as I take one day at a time, I'll let my hands do all the work and my faith lead me to my destiny.

Wish me luck,


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