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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I've been so engrossed into writing my business plan that everything else has taken a back seat.  I am on a tight deadline and well I'll sleep when I'm dead! HA!  As I was ten fingers deep into writing, I realized that there is so much detail that goes into running a fashion business. Many of you may think it's mainly glitz and glam -but let me tell you- it's so not.

Yep, 6 years in the industry and I can confidently say it's 90% business and 10% creative.  Thankfully business comes natural to me, and having my father who is an extraordinary business man as my mentor, will definitely help - that and a great deal of hard work and perseverance.

I guess the vital part of writing a business plan is being able to break down each and every component so that it ( your company) could be built to run like a well oiled machine! When you break it all down, I mean every last detail...I even find myself shocked of how much work it entails. Those aren't complaints though...it will be all worth it the end ;)

In any case I wanted to share with you a quick breakdown of some of the duties that running a fashion business actually entail.

| Design & Development | Customer Service | Administration | Sales | Production | Shipping | Social Media | 
  • Design and develop collections
  • Oversee sampling process
  • Develop brand labels, hangtags, and care labels then submit for printing.
  • Organize and arrange photo shoot for look books. Hire Model, Photographer, Hair and Makeup Artist. 
  • Design and create line sheets, marketing materials, look books, and brand website.
  • Submit samples, lines sheets, marketing materials etc. to  showroom for sales to start. 
  • Submit line sheets to retailers and set up appts for sales via phone, email, etc. 
  • Finalize all sales for the season to ensure proper production time.
  • Source production sewing contractors, finalize production trims, fabrics, etc. Submit production fabric and component orders.
  • Source marking, grading, and cutting contractors. Submit final patterns to be marked and graded.
  • Oversee cutting, production and quality control.
  • Receive inventory, create invoices, package orders,  and ship out orders.
  • Follow up with stores and collect funds.
  • Monitor the growth and profitability on a daily basis.

Alright one post and two chocolate thin mints later...and my break is officially over. Back to writing my business plan I shall go! xx - T

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