Thursday, March 1, 2012

As an artist, there comes a time where your creative side takes a plummet. This could be the cause of life events, or just mere lack of inspiration. Ever since my departure from my old job back in December, I have felt a strong decline in my inspiration and motivation. It resulted in major life events, but also uncertainty of my future. As much as I've pushed along these past couple of months, that true inspiration was indeed missing. It was just a matter of time that it would reappear, and it finally has. 

Sometimes, it's the process of getting there that refocuses you.

I got the green light from my investor for the label and it reassured me that I am undoubtedly on the right track. My once dream, is now becoming a reality that has brought a new found energy in my life. This energy is feeding my inspiration and motivation to achieve my dreams. It's all within my reach and I can finally taste it...

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