Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve was celebrated in the most spectacular way...with my loved ones. It was intimate yet fitting. Babylove and I decided to stay home and bring in 2012 with my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, her daughter, and my cousins. It was perfect. I helped my mother cook and had a delicious late dinner followed by a scrumptious desert. At midnight, we popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated with the rest of the world. 

As I sit back and look at the past, I couldn't be happier than where I am today. 2011 was life changing...but then again isn't every year? I can say confidently that I like the position of where 2011 ended because it is setting 2012 in the right direction. Many changes are taking place at this very moment, and in the end...we are ultimately the key factor of what the outcome of every day is, let alone year. 

I am excited for the unknown. I am ready to challenge myself, push my boundaries outside my comfortable zone, and discover the world that is anxiously waiting to be discovered!

Cheers :)

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