Reflection: Closing the door...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I had to drop by my old apartment to hand over our keys today. For some odd reason I was dreading the trip. Perhaps it was that I had to see my not-so-nice landlord. I was driving in the car, and an old cd played that I used to play a lot last year. As I was singing along, with my hands on the steering wheel, I glanced over at my engagement ring and smiled. So much has happened since I last sang these lyrics and I felt a strong sense of growth. Within seconds I thought of where I was a year ago, and how I had no clue that this is where I would be today. {I reflect a lot..probably a wee more than one should, hehe.}

 I met with the landlord, tossed her the keys, and said one last goodbye to the memories on Magnolia St. Being that I was in the neighborhood, I wanted to drive past my old job. If you know me, you know that its a bitter subject since I left on such bad terms. A part of me has not quite recovered from that...and who would after seven years of loyalty, hard-work, and basically every ounce of me. The worst part is that I thought I had a real relationship with my old boss. Like the ones where I would be in her wedding, and vice versa. That's how close we were or at least thats what I thought in my heart. In actuality it was one sided, and she cared less about me and my wellbeing. All that crap about you're in this company for the long run, and you're part of the family was pure bullshit and I feel stupid for ever believing it...

After driving down the same streets I took to drive to work and back everyday... I decided to take one last drive. I can honestly say the greatest thing about that horrible job, was all the great friendships with past colleagues I now have. Real friendships that actually mean something and hold true value. I must admit, a lot of people fall victim to becoming fake...god knows I've witnessed more than I can count. I guess that's the amazing thing in all of it...God knew that I just did not belong there, and it did take my stubborn ass awhile to listen...but I truly believe that closing that door was the best thing that could have ever happened. 

Goodbye to the old apartment & job....and hello to the future where anything is a possibility ;)

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