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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sometimes I stare at her and it doesn't feel real. That may sound strange but my past still haunts me at times and if I think about it long enough, it will put me out of commission. Nobody's got time for that so I just keep, keeping on. God saved her life for a reason. Although I wish desperately that my Abigail was still here twinning it up with her sister, it wasn't our faith. Every day I understand why this was necessary. Liv has changed my life in so many ways, and I thank God every chance I get.

Today was crazy hectic. Liv was more clingy than usual and seems as though a little cold is surfacing, yet again. Its extremely difficult when you have two other kiddos in elementary who bring home the germs. Although I have a strick policy of having them shower the moment they walk through the door, the germs still manage to sneak in. At least will be knockin' at our doors.

 Liv will be turning one (adjusted age) on the 13th & I'm finding it harder to get things done as she is sleeping less and moving more. All wonderful things, except when I have a ton of orders to go out and only two hands that Liv refuses to leave. On the other hand, she is at a very fun age -- at least for me! The proof is all in the photos. I don't think I can take too many pictures. Nope. Theres no such thing!

Shirt | Old Navy 
Leggings | LMD - J'adore Bunny
Headband | Little Hip Squeaks - Onyx Stripe
Moccasins | Freshly Picked - Chrome

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