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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

As I sit here with a million things to do, exhausted, and in need of yet one more cup of coffee, I realize I am building my empire. It was only 4 months ago that I decided to embark on this journey. Crazy how time is flying by and my dreams are becoming a reality. Slowly but surely.

I've always been a go getter. Your work hard-hustle harder type of gal. So working 16 hour days is easy. This is what I know. It's a bit more challenging with a baby, two growing young boys, a household, several doctor appts a week, and all the other wonderful things life throws at you. God help me as I am managing. Barely, but I'm getting the hang of things.

Regardless of the exhaustion, as I sit here looking around my studio, I see my empire growing. From one sewing machine to three. From one foldable table, to a pretty swanky one from ikea that wraps around half of my studio. {and by studio I mean my extra bedroom that has turned into my studio. Ha!} From 500 followers to 3500. Slowly but surely I am laying each block of my foundation & Im so excited to see what the future unfolds.

Here's a little sneak peek of my studio. {what you don't see is the Bermuda Triangle that is the other part of my studio! lol}

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