How'd I Get Here!?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A lot has happened in this past month, let alone this year...To bring you up to speed, I've outlined my year in it's most simplistic form!

January 2011 - Made a life changing decision by ending a friendship/relationship after 8 years.

February 2011- Worked my ass off at work for a private label project we did for Beach Bunny Swimwear since 2010 Christmas, and it was still consuming 99% of my life. However, my finances are starting to look better.

March 2011 - Saw a childhood friend who I found out is my soulmate in life. 1o months later and we're still going strong. I hope to marry him one day.

April 2011 - Found my little home away from home in South Pasadena, and signed a 12 month lease.

May 2011 - Turned the big 26.

June 2011 - Work finally started to slow down, and my personal life started to get hectic.

July 2011 - Private label stopped, and well work started to get hectic.

August 2011 - Started to rethink my job situation and my financial situation.

September 2011 - Distracted with personal life and sketching Spring/Summer 2012 that the job situation seemed like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

October 2011 - Celebrated my soulmates birthday and our Spring/Summer 2012 Collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

November 2011 - Mum got into a car accident thus I cooked the entire Thanksgiving Dinner by myself. Proud indeed, and mums okay.

December 2011 - Got fired from work after calling in sick after 6 years of hard work, sacrifice, and stupidity on my part (for staying for 6 years with a company who didn't give two shits about me but used me for all my creative talents). Gave my 30 day notice with my landlord. Moved back into my parents house. Started the process of launchingmissdessa, my own Contemporary Womenswear Collection.

All in all, I am still a work in progress and December kicked my ass. There were numerous times where I mentally gave up, and emotionally broke down. Thankfully to all the wonderful people in my life who do give a damn, they uplifted me in my darkest hour. I have made many mistakes, but as Adele sings it, they are memories made...

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